Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Burlap Wreath

So first, I'll just say that yes I forgot about this thing for a year. A blogger I am not .. obviously :-p haha

Now here are so pics and step by step of how to make a burlap wreath.

Step 3: Tie a knot
Supplies needed:

  • Metal Wreath Frame. They come in all sizes, I used 16".
  • Roll of burlap, at least 15 feet. I cut mine in half so really used 30!
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks or other strong craft glue
  • Wood letter or monogram
  • Craft paint, foam brush
  • Flowers or other decorations add your personalization!
Step 4: Pull through the inner circle.
  1. First, I painted my letter. I am really into coral this year so it was an obvious choice for me!
  2. Unroll the 15 feet of burlap, fold in half (length) and cut all the way down so you will now have two long strips equaling 30 feet.
  3. Tie a knot on the wire wreath frame. Make sure that your burlap strip is then underneath the frame.
  4. Next, you will pull a small amount of burlap through the inner circle and "puff it out". 
  5. Then you will go to the outer circle and pull up a small amount of burlap. (see pics.) Repeat this to achieve your desired look. I went inner, outer, inner, outer, and occasionally put one in the middle if I thought it needed some fullness there. 
  6. When you have finished with the first strip of burlap, simply tie on the second strip and begin the process again until you have gone all the way around the frame.
  7. Next is the fun part of gluing on your decorations! I added a letter a few flowers. All of my supplies came from Hobby Lobby. They usually have a great selection of floral stems, but the coral and aqua flowers I got this time were actually in the wedding section! I think they are boutonnieres but very cute! (side thought: I think they will be great for girl's headbands & clips .. I think I will buy a couple for Cailey.
  8. Glue your accessories on.
  9.  Hang it up, you're done!