Wednesday, June 19, 2013

That time I almost puked on a patient ..

Sooo just put me down on the list of crazy people who never go to the doctor. Ever since before we went to the beach I've had a sore throat. I also had a cold and some allergy issues where I was shooting Afrin up my nose every hour -- so I attributed it to that. Using those throat numbing cough drops, it was manageable .. for 3 weeks. Then last Friday while at work (and very busy mind you) I felt awful and sick. I'm talking nausea, upset stomach, light headedness, fever, the works. But I was trying my best to just make it through the day. Then it came time to scan my absolute favorite couple.  About halfway through I get really hot and stop to take my jacket off, trying to make a joke of working up a sweat even though I felt vomitous. Then I realized this feeling was not going to go away. I could either lean to the left and puke in the trash can in front of them, completely grossing them out, or I could rush them the heck out of there. I chose the latter. I quickly ejected their dvd and ripped their pictures off and told them "Babies look great! I'll see you again in four weeks! Bye!" Rushing them out the door. I know they had to be confused as heck that I was pushing them out the door, not hugging them bye, etc. But at this point I wasn't sure what was going to come out of where [if you get my drift]. Thankfully I made it. I did get sick, then I doped myself up with some meds and was able to finish out the workday.
Check out those lymph nodes ;)

Saturday when I woke up my throat was really killing me. Not just the soreness that it had been [for three weeks] but painful and you could see my lymph nodes sticking out of my neck. I decided I better head to the Urgent Care. Sure enough, I had strep throat. And had had strep for three weeks! Apparently when it goes that long untreated, it leads to the other issues that I was having. I really didn't think it was strep .. but now I know! The doctors were laughing at me :( I will not be so stubborn next time!

In other news the rest of my week has gone pretty much something like this:
My toddler has been a whiny, crying, bratty mess! He's being treated for strep too just in case, but I think the majority of these fits lately are just part of the terrible twos... Sigh. And I do remember with my oldest that the threes were worse for her. Great. Something to look forward too :)