Thursday, April 25, 2013

Frustration and St. Joseph


  1. The feeling of being upset or annoyed, esp. because of inability to change or achieve something.
  2. An event or circumstance that causes one to have such a feeling.
disappointment - defeat

I think it's a pretty normal feeling. I'm feeling very frustrated lately because our house is not selling. In the 36 days that it has been on the market it has only been viewed once. Once. I realize that a little over a month isn't a long time and most houses don't sell in that amount of time but give me a break! Someone come look at it! Nerdy Husband and I are both currently commuting one hour each way to & from work. I'm really just ready to be outta here! Understandable, right? My ultimate goal is to be moved by the end of August so that Cailey can start 3rd grade at her new school.

The day the real estate agent put the For Sale sign in our yard we also buried our St. Joseph statue. You can buy one here if interested. Supposedly he will help you sell your home. You bury him upside down but facing the house next to the For Sale sign and then pray the little prayer and BOOM your house should sell. After the house sells you dig him back up and place him in a "place of honor" in the new house. I must be really gullible because I just knew that we were going to have an offer within two weeks. I mean, it has good reviews on Amazon. You know how much I freaking love Amazon? And base all of my purchases on those customer reviews? Sigh. Maybe I should go dig him up and repeat the prayer. Start all over. Or maybe 36 days just isn't enough time...

There are many ways to deal with frustration. Yell, cry, give up, change direction, whine or my personal favorite, wine. This Saturday is the annual wine festival in a nearby town. I plan on going and having a marvelous time with some great people and some very delicious sweet wine. Of course I will try them all, just for you guys, and report back with my top choices to temporarily end frustration!

And what's a post without some personal pics so here is Wild Man yesterday, dressed like a playa and having fun running around outside. Until Mommy said he had to come inside (last pic). :( And my little diva.

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  1. I feel your pain... I used to go to the library and get a good book on CD that I enjoyed listening to to pass the time driving. Just be zen about the whole thing and let it flow over you like a babbling brook on river stones... The water does what it can to the stone but the stone remains unmoved only softened over time. Be the stone Casi... let it go and just soften. :) (This zen moment brought to you by some very good sleep and a happy outlook on life) Hope you have a great weekend up north :)