Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Testing.. Testing .. Is this thing on?

So, I've decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon! For months & months I've been a blog stalker so to speak. Following all of my favorite blogs, reading them religiously and sometimes commenting. Now I'd like to enter that world.

Hi! I'm Casi and I lead a pretty boring life. Mom to 2 gorgeous kids, wife of a nerd. hehe. It's okay, he knows he is a nerd .. I'm a nerd too. I work full time and after starting a job at a new location last September I now have the privilege to be off every Wednesday - and let me tell you, that is awesome! Work two days, off a day, work two days, off two days .. it's the perfect balance. I'm a sonographer (or as you might call it, ultrasound tech) so I'm the girl that gets to check your baby out and make sure everything is growing as it should and tell you the gender. It's pretty awesome most of the time. But then you have the sad cases that are horrible and stick with you forever. It is my dream job and I love it. I'm not very crafty (who's got time for that shit?) and I'll never claim to be a cook, but sometimes I like to try. ;) I am an avid reader. A lover of chocolate. Sweet, fruity red wines are my favorite. And I will admit that I am online shopping addict. It's just so convenient! I know the UPS man gets tired of coming to my house 2-3 times a week... maybe I should bake him some cookies? Nah. 

So I'll leave you with a couple pictures of my life. I hope that you will click "Join this Site" over on the right hand side to follow my blog. 

That'd be me.

My husband Lee & I got married in Vegas!

My beautiful 8 year old daughter Cailey.

Wild Man Collin will be 2 in June. Blonde hair, blue eyes .. nothing like his mama! ...or his daddy.. ummm... :-p


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  1. I am an online shopper too... I hate going to stores to poke around for hours... who has time for that? Amazon Prime all the way! BTW you know what would make your life less boring? Playing Call of Duty with your hubby LOL (jk) Have fun! :)

  2. You know what's fun playing with your husband on COD? Ruining his gaming experience! LOL run around throwing your grenades and chasing him while shooting your gun so all the enemies know where he's hiding... Hate campers that just sit in dark corners waiting for you to run by... or you could take the rockets and just blow things up but running around getting shot at is more fun LOL