Monday, February 16, 2015

A Late V-Day Post: Our Love Story

On Valentine's Day, my husband got me this latitude and longitude coordinate bracelet. When I shared it on social media, I posted it with a short 'our love story' and thought I would share here also.

Thirteen years ago, a 15 year old Casi was walking home from school. An 18 year old Lee was driving his bright yellow truck down her road and honked his horn. Casi was embarrassed. The next day on AIM LiLViXeN252 received a chat request from a Sup3rLee. Obviously Lee thought Casi was pretty cute and asked around til he got her screen name  This began a flirty friendship but nothing became of it then. Fast forward a couple years when Lee moved back home to Eden from Wilmington. He and Casi still talked occasionally and he decided to come to the Smart Citgo Gas station to the Subway Casi worked at and visit her. She gave him a free Chicken Bacon Ranch footlong and a bag of chips. Lee decided then that obviously Casi was the girl of his dreams. The next week he came over to her parents house and sat on their couch (never taking off his hideous camouflage Carhartt jacket) and they watched an episode of House and American Idol.
Now here we are, 2 kids and many years later. The happiest we've ever been. Our Love Story began that afternoon walk home from school. For Valentine's Day Lee gave me this bracelet with the latitude & longitude coordinates of where he first saw me. He still remembers the exact spot of the road I was on.
Thank you boo, it's perfect and I love you. Happy Valentine's Day <3 .

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  1. That is a seriously sweet & romantic valentine's day gift! Love hearing how people met their spouses!

  2. What a sweet love story! I love that bracelet! Did you give him hints or did he pick that out all on his own?

    1. I had shown him a similar bracelet a month ago on IG. He remembered and found one and then he came up with what to put on there. (The pic I had shown him just said to put the coordinates of any special place)

  3. Oh my goodness. That has to be the sweetest and most thoughtful gift I have ever seen! You have a good one girly! Have a great week