Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bitch Gotta KitchenAid #bgaka

Here's a funny little story that happened on Christmas.
Back in September we put our house up for sale and moved an hour away to the town I have worked in for the last few years. Until our house sells, we are temporarily living in an apartment. Paying a mortgage AND rent is no fun, but we love living closer to both our work plus there is so much more to do here. So anyways, yes we are currently in an apartment. We don't see our neighbors very often and have only met a handful. The one couple that I THOUGHT we liked and were our friends were a retired couple in their 60s with a little white dog named Max. Their apartment doesn't have a balcony so they were always sitting outside near the steps (we are on the 3rd floor) smoking. We always said hi and I usually would say "Hey Max" as he would come up to us.
Well, Christmas morning we left to make the rounds around family. We got home around 6 that night and begin unloading all our presents. The kids had their arms full and were heading up the stairs when we hear a woman's voice "That bitch gotta KitchenAid." My husband and I look at each other and then look all around but can't see anyone. In the back of my car was my one of my gifts, yep in a KitchenAid box. Then we hear it again.
"Did you hear me? That BITCH gotta KitchenAid. Bitch gotta KitchenAid."

Lee tells me to go inside with the kids and then says loudly "Because we're about to have a f*ing problem out here." On my way up the stairs I notice that the couple, Max's parents, have one of their bedroom windows open a little bit but the blinds are pulled. Obviously, it was Max's mom talking to Max's dad while looking out the window at us unloading the car. We get upstairs and inside and Cailey (my 10 yr old) has big eyes and wants to know why someone is saying those things. Then we hear noise outside ... The couple (& Max) have come outside to smoke. So what does my husband do? He goes outside too. Eek.
I put my ear up to the door eager to hear everything.
 Max's Dad: "Hey buddy! I hope you guys had a great Christmas."
Lee: "yeah we did but that's not what I want to talk about. I wanted to let you know that your window is open and we heard everything your wife said." (I couldn't see the couple but Lee said at this point Max's mom just looks down at the ground and doesn't say anything)
Max's Dad: "Oh. I'm really sorry about that. She didn't mean it. We've just been sitting here drinking. She shouldn't have said that I'm sorry."
Lee: "Well if you think she's a bitch just wait and see how much of an a*hole I can be."
**Me on the inside of the door going 'ahhh'**
Max's Dad: "Oh no we don't want any trouble we want to be good neighbors. It won't happen again."
Then Lee just comes inside.
This is actually Ice Blue, a mint color. The filter made it look darker.

I start sorting through the gifts and putting them up when I hear a knock at the door. I look through the hole and it was Max's dad. Lee tells me to go ahead and answer it. I do and he says "Hey I just wanted to apologize for what my wife called you, it won't happen again. I'm sorry your kids heard that." I told him I accepted the apology and closed the door.

Then, I realized this whole thing was hilarious. I mean, why did she call me a bitch? Am I bitch? Yes, probably. But have never been towards her. Was she jealous she didn't have a KitchenAid? hahah That's what we decided! We laughed and said I should make her something and not on the door "This bitch made you a cake with her KitchenAid since you don't have one."  So for the next few days every time we walked in the kitchen we would see the KitchenAid and yell "Bitch gotta KitchenAid!".
Of course I had to tell all my friends so now whenever I post something that I have made using my KA they all hashtag it #bgaka. 
When I posted a pic of my first time making a cheesecake

I think we should get aprons or shirts made #bgaka !! ;) LOL


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  1. Hahahahaha this is too funny! I love that your hubby called them out! Not going to lie, I'd probably have the same reaction, because I REALLY want a KitchenAid, not because I ever think anyone is a B word. But I'd keep that to myself obviously...