Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Results!

Well, I made it! All 10 days are complete. I’m pleased with the results and even though I’m anxious to have some cheese or a slice of pizza or something else bad, I’m also scared to do so because I want to keep going with the weight loss to get to my final goal.

Eating on days 8,9 & 10 was still very similar to all my other days. Didn’t really change it up except for the fact that instead of overnight oats I’ve made a breakfast smoothie. I got this blender from Target on sale for $14.99 and doubted that it would work well, but surprisingly it has!
Breakfast Smoothie:
*8oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk
*1-2 scoops of Aria protein powder (2 scoops was too much for me)
*1 tbsp chia seeds
*approx ¾ cup frozen fruit (I used very cherry berry blend from TJs)
*splenda to taste (or whatever you use)

It was good but I’ve heard it would be better if adding a little greek yogurt (which you can’t do while on the cleanse). I did not consistently work out during this cleanse. I did Jillian Michaels a couple times, walked a couple miles another night. I have been doing Fitastic Mom’s ABsolutely Bikini Ready Challenge everyday though.

So I’ve really debated whether I wanted to actually put my weight and all that on here, but I know that’s what people want to see. (even my husband doesn’t know how much I weigh .. but I guess he will now if he stalks me. eek) I weighed myself daily even though everyone says not to because of daily fluctuations, but I kept that in mind (especially when the number jumped UP a lot one day! [like up 3 lbs] grr).

By the way, I am 5’7”.
Starting Weight: 153.0
End Weight: 146.6
Total Loss: -6.4 lbs!

Starting: Ending:
Bust- 37 36.5
Under Bust: 31.5 30
Waist: 30 29.5
At Belly Button: 36.5 35
Hips: 38 37.5
Arms: (r ) 11.5 (l) 11 same
Thighs: 24 ea 23 ea
I'm wondering if my measurements were correct to begin with? lol I'm happy with 6 inches lost in 10 days! ;)

I can see the biggest difference in my back fat .. which is a good thing to get rid of!!

What work tempted me with for lunch on Monday.

So my thoughts of the cleanse?
Do I recommend it?
Yes. I think it is a good jumpstart to get you back on track and it’s nice to see the scale decline at a fast rate in those 10 days.

Do I think that it made me not crave my typical “bad” foods? No. I was satisfied on the foods I was eating - they were good- but I still wanted pizza and a glass of wine on Saturday night [see pic below] . Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the people around me were still eating that. My husband ate breadsticks from Little Caesar's one night in front of me, and I made mac n cheese for my kids. But it was still doable. At work Monday a drug rep even brought lunch but I didn’t go near it and ate my grilled chicken salad I had brought.

You can do anything for 10 days. But now it’s about what you do after those 10 days. And that’s what I’m worried about. We are leaving for the beach on May 31st (my sister is getting married in Charleston on the 1st then me, hubby & kids are heading to Myrtle for a week for our vacation). I’m not where I wanted to be. I had hopes of wearing a bikini at least one day, but not gonna happen. However, I do have a couple more weeks to work on toning and at least be happy with where I am. [no choice, huh?] So I’ve decided to TRY and continue on maybe an 80/20 clean plan. Even though technically today I’m no longer on the cleanse, I’m still eating good. Not giving into that pizza craving today. But, I’ll allow a cheat this weekend. I’m thinking some Kings Inn Pizza & Apple Raspberry wine. And then promise myself to get right back on track.

My poutyface for no wine on Saturday night.

Thanks for following!!

[I think I might have a panic attack since I hit publish and this is on the internet :( ]


  1. You are refreshingly humble to present yourself for others to judge... seriously though, I'm so proud of you for going for it... I've hit a plateau over the last few months and know it's going to require even more effort to lose the next 30... muscle tone will trim you faster than just lighter eating so keep your diet the same and do double the workout you've been doing... low carb takes away hunger and just eating protein fills you up without adding pounds... if you can get yourself into ketosis you'll burn fat a lot faster and dump a lot of water too. :)

    1. Thanks Paul! Definitely going to try and up my workout! If it will ever stop being crappy weather :( Crappy weather=lazy Casi.

  2. Found you via Skinny Runner-

    I love that you are putting it out there. You are human...we all want to do better be better. But we all have cravings...Food is evil LOL
    It will come...keep up the good work and grab a slice this weekend with a glass of wine. You deserve it....then hop your butt on the treadmill or something!

    Oh and the back fat is where I noticed most on you...I may have to try this! If only I had willpower

    1. Thanks so much Joanne! :) I cannot wait for that slice of pizza and wine :)

  3. You look great as is girl! But I can see your results! Good job!