Sunday, May 5, 2013


With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a great time to compile a wishlist.

  1. A new iPad case, my current one is pretty beat up and currently doesn’t always sit up while I’m trying to watch my Netflix! I’m unsure if I want something bright & fun like this leopard print one. Or this Moko with really good ratings.

  2. A freaking huge wine glass. Is that weird for my young kids to give me? I’m not sure why I need a glass that will hold a full bottle of wine .. sometimes I just drink from the bottle. But it looks neat and it’s been on my Amazon wishlist for quite sometime :)

  3. Workout/loungewear. I love comfy yoga pants and want some activewear capris for the summertime.
  4. Origami Owl necklace. I bought my own mother one for Mother’s Day .. should have got myself one as well! I always end up wanting what I get other people.

  5. New earbuds that will stay in when I’m walking/attempting to jog. Just from reading some online reviews, it looks like these cheapies might be worth a shot. But maybe I need some over the ear ones?

  6. Pedicure. Can you believe I have never had a pedicure? I have a legit foot phobia .. I hate other people's feet. So the thought of someone else touching my feet kinda creeps me out, but it might be nice?

  7. Pajamas. I have only like one pair of matching pajamas. My typical nighttime getup is one of Lee’s old big tshirts and flannel pants. I look like a potato sack, real cute :-p

  8. Pocketbook. Yes, I have several in my closet. But there’s something about a new purse that makes me happy! Really like this turquoise one from JcP.

  9. If I was already moved into a bigger house I would put a treadmill on this list. But I have no space at this house so it must wait … My husband said the last one I had was used more as a coat rack. But I still want another!

    10.    This coffee mug is pretty cute. 

    11.    And then there is this sweet book. That would probably make me cry if my kids picked it out for me to read to them. 

    12. And last but not least, don't laugh, a bedrest. Totally for a teenage but perfect for late night readings ;)

    I'd love to hear what's on your wishlist!

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