Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well I suck at this blogging thing ..

Just realized I haven't written anything in 2 weeks. Ehh .. I suck :-\ I'm just going to throw out some randomness ...

I've been doing a lot of nothingness. I seriously watched all 2 seasons of Scandal in a 48 hour time frame. I cracked out on that shit. I normally don't like the political drama .. but this was like a political thriller and it works. :)

I've also been NOT so go good on eating well and exercising. Which really sucks for me since I leave for the beach in a couple days. I always jeopardize myself this close to a goal. Hopefully after vacation I can get back on track and re-find my motivation ...

And for the past week I've been sick. Blah. I had a cold last week and pretty sure that it's now a full blown sinus infection. Can't breathe, coughing, can't talk. It's great. Monday a certain little boy named Spiderman helped Mommy go to the store for meds. ------> The lady at the register looked at us like she really thought a 2 year old was gonna rob her. Psh.

Mom Confession: I slept for 12 straight hours last night. This morning when the kids woke up I let Cailey handle Collin so I could sleep for a couple more hours til NerdyHubs got home from working 3rd.

She had to buy a new dress for awards day :-p
Reason #953728 why Cailey is so awesome. Last week was her last day of 2nd grade and I had a parent/teacher conference where her teacher told me how super smart she is [duh, she is her mother's daughter!] but seriously.. I was so proud. She is above grade level on most everything, and way off the charts on reading. Homegirl was reading 700 page books this year (granted they were Harry Potter -cringe!). At least she gets her love of reading honestly!
So smart .. Got the Principal's Award for Outstanding Student for her class!!!

I am normally a strict wine only drinker. I have always HATED beer. I've been seeing a lot of advertising for Bud Light Lime's Straw-Ber-Rita so I decided to give it a shot. OMG I'm in love.
I had only bought one (huge 24 oz) and after drinking it decided I needed more. Thankfully we have a gas station right at the end of our road so I got another strawberry one and a lime one. I drank the lime one and it was good too but the strawberry is my fave. After finishing those 2 I had an amazing buzz. I popped the top on my 3rd and drank a few sips and realized that I better stop before I cross into vomitville. Instead I just went to bed.

We are leaving for Charleston Friday morning. My little sister is getting married Saturday morning to her army fiance before he gets deployed in late June to Africa. After their wedding the NerdyHubs, kids and I are going to Myrtle for a week. So many people say they hate Myrtle, but for us, it works. We love it. I'm so excited to lay by the pool with my kindle and work on my tan while sipping a fruity cocktail. Heck, I might buy a case of Straw-Ber-Rita's so I don't have to shell out $8/drink at the pool bar. Although who am I kidding .. Collin is probably not going to allow me to do anything. Cailey can entertain herself... hmmm.. I'm thinking leaving Collin & Lee in the hotel room during nap time is a great idea ! O:-)

That's all for now .. kids are whining for lunch. 

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