Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So What Wednesday...

So What Wednesday
This week I'm linking up on Shannon's blog to say:
So what if .. 

  • Even though I'm off work today I seriously contemplated sending Collin to daycare anyway just so I could have some time to myself [probably sleep] this morning. I didn't do it.. but I wanted to. 
  • I didn't put on makeup this morning when I dropped Cailey off. I look like a pretty scary 12 year old without makeup on :-\
  • I've been eating whatever the heck I want since ending the cleanse last week and I'm pretty sure everything is gonna come creepin' back on. [okay so I really DO care about that. gotta get my butt back in gear!]
  • I am so freaking stoked for the NKOTB, Boys II Men & 98 degrees concert in June!
  • And now trying to figure out how to see Backstreet Boys in August. Yes, I'm 13 again.
  • We are going to Charleston May 31st for my sister's wedding and I still haven't booked our hotel. Maybe I should get on that today..
  • My house is a mess. I have better things to do. Like...
    • Read
    • Catch up on like the million episodes of all my shows that I'm behind on. [think Real Housewives, Revenge, Nashville, 90210 .. I'm weeks behind on everything. too much reading]
    • Nap
    • Go shopping for new beach clothes even though I feel like a fatty
    • Basically anything but clean?
  • I just gave Collin a pack of gummies because he wouldn't stop whining for them. I believe in picking your battles and before 8am Mott's Fruit gummies is just not one of them.
  • I just paused from posting this to put some chocolate fudge pop tarts in the toaster for myself.
  • I make my 8 year old carry in all the groceries yesterday. 
  • Nobody reads my blog!
Cailey carrying in the groceries yesterday. I'm a slave driver...


  1. OO, I'm guilty of dropping the kid off at daycare when I have a day off. That "me time" is golden!

    I should shop for beach clothes too, but I feel the same way. I realized yesterday though that I HAVE to buy some regardless of how much I've gained. I can't wear jeans at the beach!

  2. I am SO jealous that you are going to that concert this summer! I went to NKOTBSB last year and lost my voice! AMAZING! I'm waiting for N'Sync to pair up with NKOTB! :) New follower through the link-up!

    1. I went to NKOTBSB in 2011 like just a few weeks after having my youngest! Mom's gotta get her groove on lol. I was in the second row and Jordan HELD MY HAND ;)

  3. I'm hoping to go to the same concert! Saw NKOTBSB last year and Boyz II Men a couple years ago. I'm on my last day of the cleanse and I'm afraid that I'm going to drink/eat all my pounds back this weekends after the Warrior Dash and for my bday dinner. But hey a girl has gotta treat herself right? Love reading your blog :)

    1. How've you been doing on the cleanse? I was super happy with my results but I have to admit that I have been bad [pizza, cheesecake, lasagna, etc] and I'm back up a couple pounds :-\ Shouldn't be hard to get them back off though.

    2. I've been eating really well. In fact I used your spicy turkey muffin and overnight cereal recipes pretty much the whole time. I also don't mind eating the same things over and over when I like them. I don't really feel like I will have the results I was hoping for but I'll find out tomorrow when I weigh and measure again. Crossing my fingers tho. Cheesecake is my kryptonite :)

  4. I'm going to NKOTB on June too! I can't wait. I went to NKOTB/bsb 2 years ago and it was seriously the best concert I've ever been to!

  5. I also take my kidlet to daycare when I am off. And... most of the time she goes during the summer, too. ;) Did I just say that out loud??

  6. New follwer:
    1) When my kids were little I actually took them to daycare when I was off. I needed me go home & clean....errrrr or not
    2)I would LOVE to see the NKOTB/B2M tour! Hell yeah to my younger years!
    3)I love that you gave in to the gummies....and yes you are a slave's a mom thing. I have taught mine to never say "I'm board" cuz guess what....MAMA will find you something to do :)