Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day is Just Like Any Other Day...

Last night I came to the conclusion that Mother's Day is just like any other day.
Why is that?
Because from 4pm (when we woke up from a nap) and 9pm (bedtime) I was still constantly yelling at my two youngins to "be quiet", "calm down" .. "JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!" Okay .. so I didn't really say that, but I was thinking it. While my husband had locked himself up in our bedroom reading and napping before 3rd shift. I swear, I hate him. *eye roll*

Alright so my Mother's Day wasn't that bad. I woke up to a semi clean & partially vacuumed house courtesy of the hubs. And my presents on the table.

So you know how last week when I posted my Advocare Results I was all like "Oh now I'm embarassed cause my husband is going to see this.."? Yeah well apparently he must not really stalk me/read this like I thought. Because he did not read my Wishlist that I had posted of ideas for Mother's Day gifts. :-p

7pm Saturday night as I am about to indulge in my wine that I have been longing for for 2 weeks, I sent him to pick up my pizza when he informs me that he has "other stuff" he has to do on the way-- aka pick out a Mother's Day gift for me. But he did good .. a gift certificate for a mani/pedi which was actually on my list (but he didn't know that). The kid had each made me cards at school.

With my mom & younger brother & sister. Yes, at 5'7" I am the shortest :-\

Even though they drive me crazy and I was wishing they would listen to me yesterday and give me some peace & quiet, I love em! And I had to get some bedtime snuggles before locking them in their own bedrooms for the night. I would never do that ;)

Hope all the moms had a Happy Mother's Day!

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