Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Linkin' up today to share a few things that make me go Hmmm...

And you know, I immediately started singing this song. Or at least the few lyrics that I actually know! {the chorus hahah}

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm

* Why is it that everyday when I get home I have lost all motivation to do whatever I had initially planned to do? {chores, cook dinner, workout, etc ?}

* Why is it always cloudy and/or raining on the days I want to go to the pool?

* Why is it I can be exhausted at work & on the drive home but then I never go to bed early? I always find something to watch or read or browse the net {and online shop}

* Why does my 3 yr old have to be woken up at 6am on the weekdays to get ready and it is such a struggle but when I want to sleep in on my days off he is jumping on me to wake up and get hi a "top-tart" (poptart) ?!

* Why are all these "hmmms" about sleep?! haha obviously I'm feeling #sleepdeprived

* Why is it that Walmart always seems to only have 2 registers open at the most busiest time?

* Why do pass you when driving and then once in front you go the speed limit instead of the mandatory 10 over?

* Why does wine from a bottle with a cork taste so much better than ole screw top? ;)



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